July 24

Those working in a misty rain

Sometimes in an unexpected and misty rain, a worker will pray for cleansing of self, and that nature be blessed. The drenched hair and nature’s soft debris that gathers there gives a wonderful reality to the prayer,

Photo of a worker with drenched hair from misty rain.

July 20

Time out from tending and harvesting the vegetable garden

The evening stroll to the garden and greeting all the “life-giving” plants is a joy in itself. Feeding and watering them is such a meaningful reminder of the tremendous importance of serving life. There is no taking from. When ready for harvesting, the plants give what their life is producing. This to is a reminder of the importance that what we produce gives life, not destroys it.  Their life would be wasted if what they produce is not harvested. So, with gratitude, and smiling that nothing they produce is lost, the harvesting basket is filled for the day.
Then, in the summer, moments of nature’s exquisite beauty in a simple flower is cherished:

The summertime is also a time to view the panorama of nature’s expansiveness, and remember it is too precious to be undervalued.

photo or panorama view from property


June 28

Again, from a Windows Desktop image:

“In their own way Nature Parks are Places of Protection and Showcases for the Beauty of the Wilderness.”

The 2020 Pandemic led to people fleeing to the parks and camping to get away from the infectious virus. This led for many to gain or regain that appreciation of what nature provides. Research began showing that people were using their money on experiences in nature rather than materialism. May this lead to a shift in cultural emphasis to increase natural areas.


June 26

From a Windows Desktop Image and Paraphrased Caption

Photo of snow ladened fir trees in Finland
Some come for the resorts and the skiing, but most come just to be in the greatness of nature.

The acknowledgement of the greatness of nature in and of itself is a wonderful reminder for everyone. Natural sanctuaries to fill a person with awe and inspiration.


June 3

From the “Forest Wisdom” section:


photo of wide path through forest
There is no better path
To all knowledge and wisdom that dwells within you than solitude.
There is no better companion for this solitude than the presence of Nature.

This image has been part of the Replenish Vitality Website for years. It reminds me of the close interrelationship between nature and personal wellness; as well as the sacredness that can be recognized from that knowledge that dwells within.


May 27

Restoring and Preserving Nature for this generation and the generations to come

Our generation takes on adjusting to drastic climatic change situations; and is called upon to reverse the ongoing devastating impacts. There are so many efforts going on in countries and globally.  To contribute to all these efforts is a Pheo Rose Musical Piece, Awaken Grace

In terms of the present crisis “Grace” occurs when people, individually, and together, commit to bring nature into balanceBy the Good Will involved, and the sacrifices made, there is building of energy that is greater than just the sum of those efforts. Each of us, every day can contribute to reversing the damage and devastation in how we live, developing intention into action, and action into increased involvement. Though individual actions may seem insignificant given the magnitude of the climate related disasters and effects of accumulated pollution,  each action does add to the Grace being generated around the world. 

So, “Awaken Grace” is for all humanity, but especially to remind each and every one that although there may be no acknowledging of these individual efforts and supporting the changes that must be made, the contribution is linked to millions of individuals doing the same. Ah, the Grace that is generated. 

The Healing Earth Life music on this site is a musical progression beginning with an expression of the suffering of nature and the creatures who depend on habitats: “Help Me.” The second piece honors all in the waters with the “Ocean’s Cry.”  Then, all Creation pleads “Will You Wait?”  Then each next musical piece progresses towards recovery and restoration, eventually reaching “rejuvenation.”  Appropriately the album ends with the musical piece “It is Time.”

Each piece in the album has notes for what is musically being expressed. The Title of the musical album is dedicated to “healing, earth, and life.”


May 21

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the creator.”  Mahatma Gandhi

An ever increasing number of scientists, separating science and religious beliefs, hold that there is too much order to the universe and what can be found on the land and seas of earth to be random.  Gandhi simply, yet profoundly given the religions he was trying to balance, used the word “creator.”   These two photos are from views from A Sacred Place. 

Photo of full moon and orange setting sun.
Photos cannot convey the immensity of awe and wonder such views can bring.


May 14

Mother’s Day

The phrase “Mother Nature” is so appropriate as “Mother Nature” brings forth life, unconditionally nourishes life, and yes, can “storm” and “thunder” at times. Humanity has brought on so much damage in such a relatively short time (less than 100 years),  that seemingly so much of nature is now in flux.  This Mother’s Day I hope humanity honors all mothers every day, and especially Mother Nature.


May 10

A wondrous piece of art freely given to all who gazed upon it

As I glanced out the window I saw a masterpiece — nature took the canvas of the sky and painted an exquisite abstract piece with clouds. I can imagine an artist painting something like this and having hung in a prestigious art gallery.  This piece of wondrous art only lasted several minutes and then it was gone.

photo of the sky with an abstract image of a person created by a cloud.
What a wonderful abstract work of art by nature.

Mindfulness (you can read more about mindfulness here, scrolling towards the middle of the page)  is so very helpful in not missing such moments. To be aware of each moment when in nature can bring a continually changing show of the exquisite beauty. 


May 7

“Leave Each moment, each day, each situation, each place” better than when you encountered it.”

This is a saying that has been passed down throughout history by the sages and wise.  So much of the industrial revolution worldview was focused on almost the opposite: “Do whatever it takes to produce, sell, and profit.”  Humanity can, and must, evolve from that worldview to one in which what the industrial revolution brought forth is now used to better each moment, each day, each situation, and each place.”


April 24

So much wisdom to learn from nature:

photo of aged tree trunk and spring flower
Spring — New and Old Growing Together


April 22 Earth Day

This saying is so timely as so much of the world needs to see all life on earth as not ordinary, but essential, fragile, and yet resilient if given the care:

photo with "Insight is seeing the ordinary in a new way."
The Saying “Insight is seeing the ordinary in a new way”


April 14 2023

“Be the Change You Want to See.”  

This quote is credited to Mahatma Gandhi, but were not exactly his words.  But this phrase is not only consistent with how he lived, but speaks a truth and a guiding principle for saving nature, and thus human existence. Each piece of litter picked up and disposed of correctly; each moment we see a withering plant or tree and give it water; each time we look to find ways to conserve fresh water; each time we volunteer for conservation efforts; even each time we take the effort to recycle something; each of these we can do with the intention to be the change that will replenish the beauty of nature.  Each day provides a multitude of opportunities to be the change.  

Mahatma Gandhi referred to changing ourselves to be in accord with nature as a means to changing humanity to be in accord with nature. Now more than ever, each person can be intentional about caring for creation personally. Often we do not realize that others are watching when we make those personal changes, but often others are, or see the difference made.  One person can do an amazing amount just in how they live, and placing their values on care of creation. And that is a life both rewarding and truly meaningful.


February 7

A recent news article about “Sacred Forests” in Africa speaks to a tradition that preserves and protects tracts of forest.  This is saving these forests from logging, and conserving the ecosystems and biodiversity there.  The forests are also providing places of quiet and natural sanctuaries of peace for them.

Photo of Sacred Forest in Africa

An African Sacred Forest


January 26 2023

“Time has its moments, and those moments when held in love, are in time.” (Pheo Rose)

So many moments occur throughout daily life. When there is the intention to hold life in loving attention, moments that would be otherwise overlooked bring a sense of love and connection. They also facilitate experiencing Sacredness as part of life. All this begins with developing attitudes of gratefulness and caring. Then there is developing an openness to one’s life being connected to life in all forms. And finally, that intention to hold life in loving attention can occur.


January 3 2023

This YouTube video has such vivid reminders of exquisite life on earth. Life that is becoming extinct and/or in great peril. The video also reminds us that we each leave a “foot print” on nature, and what we do affects the future generations. The video reminds us that not just nature, but experiencing Sacredness in nature is at peril if each person and the global community does not act to restore, protect, and nurture nature. Enjoy this beautifully crafted honoring of life in nature: Auld Lang Syne