Photos To Inspire

Forested Road
As a person travels deeper into quiet solitude the more sacredness can be experienced. (Road leading into ASacredPlace)
View of panoramic sunset
In the vastness of nature can be found a sense of the infiniteness of Sacredness. (View from ASacredPlace)
panoramic view of snow covered trees and mountains
There are times when the view of nature is so exquisite that one immerses into the exquisiteness. (A view from ASacredPlace)
Moonlight over Hood Canal Hood
Sometimes, for only a moment the natural view provides unmatched beauty. (View from ASacredPlace of moonlight over the Hood Canal) 
Nature sculptured leaves
Exquisite beauty in natural “sculptures” are there to be seen. (Found in “ASacredPlace” forest)
Beautiful variety of nature leaves
A Combination of leaves and ferns can come together in exquisite “Works of Natural Art.” (Found in ASacredPlace)

Vines left to discover their own path can provide beautiful scenes

Vine with blossom wrapped around a support post
This vine reached around a support post providing a work of natural art in the process. (Found in ASacredPlace)
green leaves on brass leaves
Green vine leaves joined with the brass leaves up the “tree of life” adding an exquisite realness. (Found in ASacredPlace)
The enormity of nature can take care of us if we care for, and do not overburden, it. (View from a short walk from ASacredPlace)

More photos as to what experiences in nature can teach us can be found in’s Photos for You These are beautiful and so relevant to this website.