Healing Earth Life Music

The (click on this name) Healing Earth Life music album  can be found in the replenishvitality.org website because it was first presented there as integral to human wellness — literally as well as figuratively. A close relationship to nature is crucial. as explained more fully in the (click on this name) Relado section pertaining to our relationship with nature in the (click on this name) replenishvitality website.  

The music has been included in this website because experiencing Sacredness will either be facilitated by a flourishing of nature, or undermined as humanity struggles with the devastations, disruptions, and losses from continued apathy, starting at level of each person to the entire global community.

Please read the notes for each piece of music to fully enter into what the music is expressing. The Healing Earth Life album represents the pleas for urgent responses, the capability of humans to respond and reverse the devastations, and the celebration of such reversals and healing. As the last piece of the album expresses: It is Time.

For those who pray or feel comfortable sending their thoughts and well wishes for this miraculous planet of life, this musical piece: “Encircle” by Pheo Rose has been added to this music for healing.

Encircle your llife, the lives you care about, people you do not know but have need to be encircled with care, and all ecosystems and the life therein, with  your love and caring. So much is accomplished this way, but as always the results are not directly seen — but they are truly happening at a scale not even imaginable.