Creating a Personal Sacred Place

Promoting a lifestyle of Sacredness Includes
Creating a Personal Sacred Place 

Places of Worship are considered Sacred Places. Some cultures have designated places in nature as sacred places. Creating a personal Sacred Place in homes have been part of many cultures. Often religious symbols of some sort are used. And, there are items that have personal meaning of sacredness that can be used.

Your personal sacred place is one where you can clear your thoughts of daily life responsibilities and duties, relationships.  Most often at least 40 minutes to quieten consciousness is necessary to get to that place of peace in which you know a Loving Presence holds you, and all else “falls away” from your thoughts, Activities that provide a transition to this peace are helpful.  To begin with you need a space for the quiet and activities you choose.

The space can be as small as a corner of a tabletop or a corner of a room. Wherever there is an undisturbed place that you can close the door to is what benefits the experience.  And, if a space is not really possible, putting together special music that you can play through headphones also can work. (All of Pheo Rose music works well for this. With headphones, the music has been performed so that there are instruments playing in the left, center, and right, making for a wonderful panoramic musical scene.)

If you can set  up a personal sacred place and you belong to a religion, use items that represent what is sacred. If you do not belong to a religion choose items that are “sacred to you.”  You may find the following activities examples of what facilitates this:


For some, burning a small stick of incense and focusing on the smoke and aroma brings a sense of a sacred place.

photo of incense






For others, coloring a mandala or objects in a color therapy coloring book quiets the mind and allows focus on being in a sacred time.


Moving sand and creating rock designs is another way to enter into a sacred place time.

photo of zen sand with rakes and small stones


And lighting a candle, focusing on its light and warmth, can create a sacred place time which ends as you put out the flame of the candle.

A lit candle and a white rose illuminated by it.


Getting to places of worship can have many limitations, including when they are available. Having a place in your home allows for access as many times in a day as your day allows; and this benefits the development of experiencing sacredness.