Pheo Rose Martin, PhD

Pheo Rose Martin is the Professional name for the person responsible for the content in this website.  As Director of the Contemplative Life Foundation, work to benefit all life has been a primary goal.  Humanity fulfilling its greatest potential of personal integration is vital not only for the quality of life of humans, but also for the ecosystems that sustain all life.


The Replenish Vitality Institute was created to provide the teachings for this personal wellness and integration.  Humanity has not focused on the greatest resource on earth — a fully integrated person.  The teachings are freely given in the replenishvitality.org website.


In the mid 1970s scientists began warnings of the danger to this miraculous planet of ecosystems from humans’ limited perspectives.  The Contemplative Life Foundation began including increasing awareness of the dangers and damage this limited perspective has, and is, causing. Personal integration includes the awareness that what we do to other life we ultimately do to ourselves. This interconnection brings these two areas of work together.


A Sacred Place now houses The Contemplative Life Foundation as work continues to increase personal wellness and integration; provide experiences filled with the beauty of nature; and, teach how personal integration and our interconnectedness with all life is inseparable.